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12, 13

Erwartet unerwartet.

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Empty face

Today I saw an empty face.

It's featureless and that is your beauty.

The sadness of a smiling deer

The smile of those brown eyes

The elegance of those motions.

It was nice to see you. And with only a  small bitterness

I am happy for you In his arms.

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Today I saw an angel

She had your lips, had your eyes

She  did not look like you

But those lips, broken, dry

Those eyes, squinting.

The best feeling I ever had touching these lips touching mine

Those eyes smiling when they saw me, those eyes.

It was good

to see an angel.

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… und in meinem Kopf so …

… er hat mein Mädel

… er hat seine Firma

… und was hab ich? …

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today is a gift

“Yesterday is a day

tomorrow is a day.

But today is a gift.

That's why it's called present.”

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Wie stark ich mich gefühlt habe …

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„Hat man dir so weh getan

dass du's lieber gar nicht mehr versuchst?”

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I wanna do something.

I wanna punch someone.

But nothing ever happens.

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